Peugeot Approved Accident Repair in Chichester, West Sussex | Portfield

Portfield Peugeot Approved Accident Repair Centre in Chichester, West Sussex

From scratches and scuffs to minor dents and major re-builds, Portfiield Peugeot’s Approved Accident Repair Centre should be your first port-of-call when it comes to restoring your car.

If your car is involved in a road traffic accident, you will require a service that is both convenient and stress-free –who better then to look after your Peugeot than your local approved Accident Repair Centre in West Sussex?

Portfield Peugeot are committed to looking after you and your car and to ensure that your pride and joy remains just that. Regardless of the advice given to you by an insurance company, the fact is it is your legal right to have your Peugeot repaired at the Approved Bodyshop of your choice.

By calling us first, our specialist team can provide you with essential assistance and advice when it is most needed, minimising the stress and inconvenience to get you back on the road.

Please contact Portfield Peugeot, Chichester for more information.