Building for the future

Building for the future

Coming soon - a brand new vehicle retailing experience awaits.

Perry Lee, the new Managing Director of Portfield Citroen, Mazda and Peugeot, is certainly revved up by his new role with the Chichester motor retailer and is promising exciting times ahead for local car buyers.

A familiar face to many motorists after 31 years’ industry experience with various dealerships along the south coast, Perry is delighted with the opportunity to lead the well established Portfield operation into a new era, overseeing a significant redevelopment of its Quarry Lane site and represent a trio of leading automotive brands.

After spending the past 12 years with Volkswagen, he admits to being not only pleasantly surprised by the Citroen, Mazda and Peugeot model ranges but also genuinely impressed.

“Maybe I saw the world through rose-tinted glasses before having served one brand for such a long time,” he said. “However I can honestly say that I’ve been completely blown away by just how good the cars are in our three showrooms.

“Across each range, the build quality is outstanding, the cars are beautifully designed and so well equipped with features and innovations that all are worthy of being on any driver’s consideration list when changing their vehicle,” he added. “From the city cars and hatchbacks like the Peugeot 108, Citroen C1 and Mazda2 to the Peugeot 508 and Citroen C5, the choice is incredible and there is literally a model to suit every requirement and budget too.”

Just weeks after his appointment, Perry is now planning a new chapter for Portfield and its customers with a major refurbishment of facilities aimed at providing an unrivalled retail experience. About to get underway, this significant investment will transform the current surroundings inside and out - from the parking and landscaping to the showroom environment.

“It will be business as usual throughout the redevelopment programme but, once completed, the facilities on offer will be second to none - somewhere I’m confident that customers will enjoy visiting and my colleagues and I will be proud to call our place of work,” continued Perry.

“I’ve been fortunate to inherit a great team, who are committed to delivering outstanding service, keen to develop long-term relationships with customers and, like me, are passionate about the Citroen, Mazda and Peugeot brands and Portfield’s extremely exciting future.”

He concluded: "For anyone contemplating changing their car or seeking expert help with the servicing of an existing vehicle, there really has never been a better time to talk to Portfield."